Great progress, and it's just the beginning.


We started Hard Tech Miami back in May 2021 and have since grown to 150+ members, the majority of which are founders of deep tech companies.

When we came to Miami in May to explore starting a company in the deep tech space, we realized that what we knew about the depth of Miami’s deep tech talent wasn’t widely known and that these ambitious individuals wanted a community to be part of. In one day, we threw up a website, invited our friends working on these types of companies, and asked them to invite their friends. The next week, we had our first event, got the core community in a group chat on Slack, and started spreading the word about our mission on Twitter. Since then, we’ve been growing at a rapid pace and have recently passed 100 members, all with fantastic backgrounds working on extremely ambitious technology. We’re well on our way but also just starting to show the world what Miami is capable of.

- Channing and Alex


Channing Pear, Founder, Hard Tech Miami


Channing is a Silicon Valley to Miami transplant. He left his job as a senior software engineer at Stripe to accelerate innovation of “atoms controlled by bits”, helping deep tech companies through Hard Tech Miami with his sister Alex. Seeing all the recent movement of deep tech investors and the growth/optimism around Miami, it became the ideal place to call home. Channing’s first hardware experience was back in middle school when he made a quad core CPU in Minecraft.

Alex Pear, Founder, Hard Tech Miami


Alex has lived and breathed entrepreneurship for over 10 years, having first started a professional consultancy at 17 and going on to work at a wide range of startups (often early stage) in product, engineering, and strategy roles ever since. Leveraging her cross-functional experience, she is working to operationalize and scale Hard Tech Miami from an idea to a startup community infrastructure. Alex holds Computer Science and Business degrees from NYU and Boston College.


We have had huge growth since our inception, and are currently growing 50% MoM.

Hard Tech Miami explosive growth
Hard Tech Miami execution timeline